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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> i'd like to close but anna has a few things to say in terms of demand. at mission high school, i think many of you know i've been here years coming to you and asking you for your support and as advocates and allies in terms of my immigrant students. they didn't choose where they were born, neither did i but i was lucky to be born here and i think this is really a struggle we all need to be part of. senior carranza, superintendent carranza, i think especially now, this is a really good time for you to take this as a priority in this district. so i'm going to challenge you as i challenge my students in chemistry to really take this up and make this a real priority. at mission high school, we're going to have two forums that we are going to do to actually invite the community to come and be part of this. we're going to invite families, families of students that go to mission now and families who had students that graduated from there in years past.
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we want them to know mission will always be their home. this is their family. this is their community. so we set two dates, september 7, which is a friday, and september 8, which is a saturday. and i'm cordially inviting you right now. i've already spoken to mr. eric gussert our principal and he supports this 100% as well. i know many of you do. so please come and talk to me. you know where i am. my room number is 303. i start on monday. i'll be in there every day from that point on with my students. so i would cordially invite all of you to be there. anna has a few demands she'd like to end with in regard to how specifically we think that the district can support this. thank you. >> hello again. now i would like everyone's attention as a unfind student from the district, i think i have the right to demand this
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district. so i would like to demand the district to help us reach out to the community. since we don't have everyone's address, you know, so we want the district to have -- to pass it down to the families any time we have information that the parents and the students need. we want every school to put in their youth letter or their website and their school site council such as the s.s.e. and the elac. also any information be translated into the language. i would like to translate them but i only speak spanish and english and i think there are so many other languages that need to be translated and so many families that need to have this information. also, i would like to have the district to support community forums and there are community forums and all the students now are not getting paid. i'm not getting paid for this and it is a community forum that we're willing to give our time to put this forum to help our community. so we would like to have lawyers who can provide legal
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services to individual families and in their specific situation. since you know every case has their own specific questions. also, we want translators that will help to provide information to those families that do not speak spanish and english, such as chinese, arabic, and vietnamese and would like to have the translators in the forum so everyone can have this information. also, i'd like to the district to help us have the media providing any information about any community event coming up on this issue. so thank so you much for hearing this and i hope you guys take on the responsibilities in this. thank you. president yee: thank you. so i think it -- >> can i ask a question? or do you want me to wait until they're done?
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>> staff, really. i just want to ask the question, it seems to me that the things that jumped out to me that we should and have an obligation to facilitate is providing transcripts to our students that need them. so we have that service. you know, i just think it needs to be made easy and facilitated so could you, you know, give us a report on what we can do to help, especially in the transcript area. >> they can't get from anybody except us. president yee: let's see. did you sign up for speaking? >> i did. president yee: what's your name? [inaudible] president yee: go ahead. >> thank you. good evening. everybody. i am gumatise dahavan, a parent of a elementary child who attend sherman elementary and
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represent over 50 parents who have been affected by a bus service disruption from sherman elementary to five different after-school programs. this disruption has caused many parents to consider change of school, going out of the public school system into other school options. i also think this is going to have a negative effect on working parents who aren't able to come in the middle of the day to ferry their kids from school. ççoj
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bus routes to obtain and which bus routes continue? is it a function of the number of students, the location, or how hard it is to get to certain schools, the timings? and are we being negatively penalized for living in a particular neighborhood where perhaps public school enrollment is lower? as tax-paying citizens, we would like to realize the full benefits of supporting and can advancing for public schools, enrolling our students, our children into public schools, and i just fear that this has been a very abrupt decision. i think there could have been a way in which to phase this, even balancing whatever your budget requirements would have been. currently you provide a seamless transition to students to go from school to after school. and these after-school programs are private after-school programs. there might have been a way if your budget permit you, to allow you to consider through auspices of your organization, perhaps certain other private providers? so this is just a plea once again to reinstate bus service or provide us with some
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feasible alternative. thank you. >> thank you. >> if i could ask staff for a reminder of the criteria that was used for eliminating the routes. this has been in progress for a long time. i'm getting a lot of requests. >> if we can get the speaker's contact information. we have a rule that you have to sign up to speak.
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>> i just want to add a couple comments. >> i want to stick to the rules. >> i just drove five hours to get here in time. you have to give me one minute. it is regarding, and you cut out the one bus stop that has a program that is open to all children. it does not accept kids in the after-school program unless they go to that school. you cut out the boys' and girls' clubs. there are 10 parents to use that bus. you eliminated just that one. i have called every other one and they do not accept them. i do not understand why you cut the one stop that is open to everybody. >> can you -- you got it?
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>> i feel like i'm doing this backwards because i want to say greetings to the new school year. we look forward to another year of working together. i want to piggyback on what the superintendent said. we have a tentative agreement. the final voting day is monday, august 20. i am hopeful so that we can move on with it. i want to add a couple of details. we are very pleased that the furlough days do not directly affect kids except for that last half-day. members will be taking in one- and-a-half furlough days. the one that does not affect children is giving up a
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professional development today. i am sure that we all look forward to the day when furlough days are a thing of the past and we do not even have that in our vocabulary. of course, the other piece is proposition 30. we have are people starting to work on that. we know what a mess we will be in. this is not a spending problem. this is a revenue problem and we have to solve it. i hope he can work together. >> itek k. -- item k. i would like to announce a
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proposal for the san francisco unified school district, the local 261, a public hearing on this proposal will be held on a special meeting of the board of education on august 21, 2012. and the discussion of other issues tonight? there are not any tonight. consent calendar resolutions removed the previous meetings for a second read in an action to. role call. ms hwang? >> here. oh, yes, sorry. >> mr. --
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>> yes. >> aye, except for items k2, 4 22, 23, 24, 25 and 30 because they are retroactive. >> thank you. dr. murase? ms norton? ms wynns? >> item -- consent calendar resolution for immediate action. there was one severed by a commissioner ross said. >> i want clarification to know
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if this is the same classification of security guards we have been talking about in the context of budget negotiations. >> the same classification, this is an outside vendor that we use for the same classification. they are not police officers. but they are not district employees. last year, he wants me to explain what we did? last year upon the request was that we offered through the high schools and middle schools. that if the security at the school chose to offer to doo-doo
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overtime to supervise those games, we would offer it to them first and we would reduce this contract by the money that went to those personnel. there is a process in place. we communicated that to the security guards and they signed up with their assistant principal and then it was sent into the commissioner of athletics. and i just spoke to susan solomon and she agreed to do the same process again this year and i will contact commissioner collins myself. >> yes. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> that's six ayes. >> item q, none tonight. item r, for establishing a common preparation and professional development time for all schools. is there a motion? is there a second? this will be referred to the curriculum committee and the budget committee. thank you. board members report. any reports? the second one would be board as delegates.
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the national school board association, any reports? good. all other reports by board members. any of the reports? commissioner murase: i wanted to report on what an amazing job the new superintendent did at the administrator's institute. it was first-class all the way. i want to thank everyone who participated. i was pleased to see that common sense media was on the agenda. we have tried to start a working relationship with them. i want to thank them for their presentation and the exercise that followed. it was meaningful and impacts of.
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and i wanted to congratulate you night for students, holding workshops that a back-to-school event held at the community center over the weekend. there were so many families, so many kids getting free back pats. all of the organizations that supported that. just wanted to congratulate them. president yee: i also want to acknowledge, we were invited by the democratic club to give a presentation to them. in regards to what we are doing around issues of lgbtq. it was a great presentation by staff, many of our staff numbers
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are involved in helping with that issue. i learned a lot myself on being there, realizing that we have been addressing this issue for over two bang decades and i wanted to say commissioner fewer when she brought up again to strengthen our efforts in this arena and the data that we had that we brought there was remarkable in terms of the ability to collect and understand and give us better guidance of what we need to do. thank you to the superintendent and several other people.
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>> i would just add a little bit to that that i think that we have made great gains in the anti-harassment of our youth. one of the things i want to commend staff on is that we had our first ever family dinner, a standing-room-only, even though it was freed. we did not expect it was going to be such a huge success. when you will need a bigger venue, we will need more people to donate money for this event, since isn't -- since it is not allocated in our budget. it is such a nice feeling. i thought it was absolutely fabulous and wanted to come and staff for doing that and also adding to our health curriculum , diversity and gender identity.
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i think that will be huge. >> also for the listening audience, you could actually go on our website and get lesson plans and so forth, the things that we do to promote the safety of our youth. it is another example of how proud we should be of the school district. we seem to be taking the lead in the nation on this. the center for disease control works with us and understands we are the model in a lot of school districts in promoting this. i think we should applaud our staff for this. [applause] e c''stg9y#+ ++ie
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to write this information last night from the meeting. if you would like to have more cutting edge information, please follow me on twitter. sfusd_supe. you'll correct -- debt great
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information. >> hot off the presses. i learn stuff all the time. >> i also wanted to add that every year, i sponsor at the california school boards association in conjunction with the gay-straight alliance, a workshop for other some members how they can have leadership and also all about the education act. i think we are the model for the nation. president yee: commissioner morosity. -- murase. commissioner murase: there will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. the agenda will go up in a couple of days. there will be a hearing on a local hires as a policy. i invite my colleagues to be there. i am not sure whether this was in the calendar, but i wanted to congratulate the 91% of teachers who were recalled from layoffs. i think it is a tremendous
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achievement. i want to sink -- thank the human-resources department. not knowing whether they were going to be hired. i want to thank the superintendent in being able to recall 96%. >> thank you very much. let's move on to item t. >> i want to ask, and it turns out, it is shocking to me but i have to bang appointments to make to the public education fund committee, which is unexpected. one of my appointees is actually turned out so i was expecting to have to do that but by other appointee told me she has to resign from the committee because of the time
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constraints. i was wondering if i could be provided with a list of all of the appointees on the committee and who appointed them and where they are in their terms so i could be able to make a judgment about what communities we should get representation for. if i could have talked with that i would appreciate it. president yee: item t, report of a closed session action. >> we are supposed to recess right now. president yee: my mistake. at this point, unless you want to come back, we are going to recess for closed session and we will come back after closed session and do a readout of the
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closed session to finish up the evening. although, you know something, can i take a second? we are going to change a little bit of the order right now. we have, generally at the end of the meeting we have adjournment and sometimes we will take that opportunity to have that in memory of somebody. rather than wait for us to come back when nobody is here, we thought we would change the order so that at least people could hear, whoever is watching tv or listening to the radio could hear this.
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i'm going to turn this over to vice president norton. vice president norton: i am going to read the acknowledgment for and milton who passed away on august 9 at the age of 52 after a fight with brain cancer. he was the son of the late milton marks who was involved in politics. his father was a judge and state senator and his mother served on a commission. his career was dedicated to public service organizations and he served on the urban creek council and he was first elected to city college in 2000 and he was reelected in 2004 and two thousand eight where he received the most votes ever in any
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election. he will always be remembered as a person devoted to his sense of justice. while he was part of a group set resign from his fraternity, he was passion about issues about informant and access to health care and education. he was loving and playful and the father to three boys. he had a special gift of being a friend to so many and a protector of those with less of a voice. he is survived by his loving and wife and his three young boys, nathan, will, and theo. he will be missed. commissioner wynns: we also want to remember today mary ramirez, an employee of the school district sure yet she started in 1974 and retired in 1977.
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-- 1997. she worked with many superintendents. for any of you that were around then, she was the person who greeted you when you came into the office. then she went to labor relations. she was well known in the district and had many friends. she will be missed by many, especially her friends in labor relations and human resources. president yee: thank you very much. i think we are going to miss these individuals. all of us knew him. we know what he gave to the community and we will miss him. right now i want to recess our meeting.
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thank you very much. you are more than welcome to come back after the closed session. [laughter] president yee: excuse me, we are going to continue. [laughter] people have to get out of here. we are adjourning -- we are resuming the regular meeting. i will have two read out tonight. -- read outs tonight. the board approved a contract for one supervisor. the board approved a contract for


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